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Crosslinker Water based Ultra Safe for clear coats and paints.

This crosslinker is a water based environmentally friendly version with no harmful chemicals, creating an even tougher more durable coating than before.

  • Improves rub fastness.

  • Non-hazardous.

  • Increase resistance to sweat, grease and grime.

  • Toughens leather finish.

  • Massively improves color fastness.

  • Toughens leather paint. 

    The unique properties of this crosslinker is that it can be added to clear coat sealer lacquers as well as paints.

    Being a water-based version means it’s safer to use and better for our planet, keeping our company as green and eco friendly as possible is essential to us with everything we do.

    This cross linker has a special crosslinking molecule system in it, what this means is once it’s added to the clear coat lacquer sealers it crosslinks to form an extra strong coating, when a molecule isn’t crosslinked it has a hard wearing capability, but when they are crosslinked the hardness levels increase exponentially.


This diagram shows how molecules look before being crosslinked, once crosslinked they become an even stronger structure.
Once an item has been crosslinked it becomes a much harder wearing surface also, this means the clear coat sealer lacquers and paints have a much tougher surface layer to them, withstanding the penetration of grease, sweat, and staining even more.

Available sizes: 50ml – 1,70 fl oz, 100ml – 3.4 fl oz
Warranty: 12 months from point of opening.
Temperatures: do not allow to freeze or go below 7 °CColor, clear
Smell: a slight odor
Formula: water-based crosslinking system.
Skin Allergies: if you have skin allergies always wear gloves and masks when spraying.

For Use On:

It can be used on all types of leather goods and faux leathers, including sneakers, shoes, handbags, purses, wallets, car seats, sofas, steering wheels, dining chairs, walls, flooring, watch straps, antique leather goods and more.

It works on Pigmented Leather, Aniline Leather, Waxy Pull Up Leathers, Mottled Leathers, Antique Leathers, Two Tone, Semi Aniline, Veg Tanned, Top Coated Leather, Exotic Leather Skins, Vinyl, Bicast Leather, Bonded Leather, Faux Leather, and Plastic Interior Trim and many more.





Once you have made your lacquer or paint, you would only add a maximum of 5% into your clear-coat lacquer or paint and then this must be used within 48 hours. Any product leftover must be discarded.

Available sizes, 50ml – 1,70 fl oz, 100ml – 3.4 fl oz
Warranty, 12 months from point of opening.
Temperatures, do not allow to freeze or go below 7 °C.
Color, clear

Smell, a slight odor
Formula, water-based cross-linking system.
Skin Allergies, if you have skin allergies always wear gloves and masks when spraying.

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